Wait, What? So They’re Saying All Koreans Do Look Alike Now…?

One of the most hated things a person can do is make a comment implying that people of a specific race, ethnicity or culture all look alike, it’s disgusting, racist and insensitive. However in maybe some sort of attempt to create a standard “perception of beauty”, plastic surgeons from South Korea have managed to make their models all look pretty much the same. Details after the break. Read More

Dumbfoundead – Old Boy Jon [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]

We did an interview awhile back with Korean hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead and today we came across some new music from him and wanted to share. He has a free album called Old Boy Jon available for free. Produced entirely by Duke Westlake. Hit the jump to download and watch a vid of Dumbfoundead breaking down the album. Read More