The Grammy Conundrum

As hip-hop culture grows more diverse in voice and representation, the Grammys seem slow to catch up. The genre easily boasts several vibrant subgenres and possible spinoff styles of music. They might even deserve categories of their own. But during the industry’s most recognizable awards show, all artists who rap are lumped into the same lane. In this day and age, that’s akin to lumping all singers into the same genre just because they sing. Alas, it seems that hip-hop still may have miles to go before being fully recognized as more than just “rap music” in the eyes of those handing out the coveted golden gramophone. But who’s really responsible for this? Read More →

“We Got a Lot of Heat”: Lil Debbie on White Girl Mob and Diversity in the Music Industry [Countdown to 2042]

Rapper and fashion designer Lil Debbie rose to fame as part of the Oakland-based White Girl Mob, starring alongside fellow white woman rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty in viral hits like “Gucci Gucci.” Since those days she’s struck out on her own and moved to Los Angeles. Since hooking up with controversial, eccentric rapper/entertainer/pop culture icon RiFF RaFF, Lil Debbie has created multiple million view hits, including “SQUiRT” and “2-Cups.” A new EP, “California’s Sweetheart,” is scheduled for Fall of 2013. We caught up with Lil Debbie at the Orange County Observatory to chat about the challenges of being a white woman rapper, the difference between the Bay and Los Angeles, and diversity in the music industry.
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RiFF RaFF: An Open Dialogue on Race and Diversity

It’s been quite the year for rapper, entertainer, and cultural icon RiFF RaFF, formerly known by the name MTV Riff Raff, and before that the less-obviously-branded Jody Christian. Since last summer, the Houston native best known for his eccentric dress, outlandish antics, and distinctive Texas-infused drawl, has been signed by Diplo’s Mad Decent record label, subject to impersonation by no less than James Franco, and, as of next month, will have released his major label debut album, “Neon iCon,” which will feature appearances from Wiz Khalifa, YG, and Snoop Lion. He’s also been embroiled in a mild racial controversy, stemming from this confrontational interview by Hot 97’s Ebro. After all of that, we knew we had to catch up to RiFF RaFF to get his unvarnished opinion on race, diversity, and the rapidly changing composition of America’s population. If you want to see America’s demographics discussed as they’ve never been discussed before, check out our latest Countdown to 2042.
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Nardwuar vs. Riff Raff [VIDEO]

We had our sit down with Riff Raff so it’s always interesting to see what else the artist has to say.  Nardwuar interviews Riff Raff at Triange Park in Vancouver, BC,  Canada , hit the jump to watch it.

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Probably not the combo you would have expected but it happened as documented in this video.  Riff Raff aka Jody Highroller gives you a sneak peek of his visit to the set of Snoop Dogg’s GGN web show.  See what they were up to on the set as well as the fun they had off the set.

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Let the Beat Build #05: Getting Wavy with Harry Fraud [VIDEO]

It seems a number of white guys are creating the sonic landscapes for New York’s growing underground hip hop scene.  For example, Harry Fraud who produced the popular street single Shot Caller by Bad Boy/Maybach Music Group artist French Montana.  The song has become a summer theme song Read More

Kitty Pride f/ Riff Raff – Orion’s Belt [MUSIC VIDEO]

We’ve heard some cool things about Kitty Pryde…we’re not sure what to make of Riff Raff yet.  But no matter what they are here together in this video.  More info below:

Music is all about bringing people together—especially when those people are capable of virtually crashing internet servers with the snap of a Twitpic. Noisey teamed up with Kitty “Rap Game Taylor Swift” Pryde and Riff “Rap Game James Franco” Raff in Daytona Beach for “Orion’s Belt,” the new cut off of Kitty Pryde’s recent acclaimed EP, Haha, I’m Sorry. Cavorting around a beachside carnival, the dynamic duo gets into some (surprisingly) good, clean fun in a video that will inevitably be referred to as “Rap Game That-Last-Scene-In-Grease.”