The Deeper Meaning of the Racist Twitter Reaction to Nina Davuluri

Last night Nina Davuluri, Miss New York 2013, was crowned Miss America 2013, making her the first American of Indian descent to win America’s most popular beauty pageant.
Naturally, large swaths of the country couldn’t allow such an achievement by a person of color to pass without racist, ignorant commentary on social media. News being what it is, much of the media’s coverage has focused on the rearing of racism’s ugly head. Buzzfeed, as usual, was quick to the punch, with an article entitled “A Lot of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant.” It includes a sampling of racist tweets reacting to Nina’s win. It’s easy to dismiss the reaction as the ramblings of a discontented and uneducated fringe, but in the latest rash of racist tweets, this author sees the evidence of larger and more alarming trends.
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MIXLY Roundup

University of Alabama Sorority

Not-so-fun fact, there hasn’t been a black girl in a University of Alabama Greek sorority since 2003. There’s not much question that it’s a discrimination issue, with entrenched racism enforced by alumni and even the school. But now, things might be changing. Check it out.

Diversity in Brewing

No one’s shocked when Southern sororities turn out to be racist, but did you know that the beer industry also has a diversity problem? Our colleagues at NPR try to figure out why.

How Society Shames Trans Women


There’s been a lot of to-do lately about Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee’s admission that he received oral sex from a transgender woman. This essay, written by an openly transgender woman, asks a more important question about the “scandal”: why should it matter if a man is attracted to transgender women?

Sikh Captain America

A Sikh man dresses up as Captain America, complete with beard and turban. Thought-provoking and whimsical.

Hipster Please


Finally, something funny for your Friday. While this may strike most as little more than a hilarious takedown of the much-maligned hipsters, we saw a critique of a far more obnoxious “trend” – white privilege.
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MIXLY Roundup

50th Anniversary of the March on Washington


This week was, of course, the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Leaders from around the nation gathered in Washington to celebrate the progress we’ve made, as well as to note how far we have left to go before that dream becomes reality.
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We Can’t Stop (Talking About Miley Cyrus): MIXLY Poll

The title says it all. It seems like ever since we got up this morning all we’ve read, watched, and talked about has been Miley, Miley, Miley, and her undoubtedly controversial performance at last night’s Video Music Awards. Some are calling the twerk-tastic performance a “cartoon version of black culture that…lacks depth and context,” others are criticizing “grinding on Robin Thicke” as “a misuse of feminism” and still others have suggested that the most responsible, grown-up thing for the rest of us to do is to do our best not to care at all. Check out the video after the break, and let us know what you have to say!
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MMXLII Perspective: Cracker, the History of a Slur

The word cracker, long understood to be a pejorative term for whites, has been in the news this summer, notably when its use and implications became an issue in the George Zimmerman trial. The word’s recent notoriety has raised interesting questions. Where did “cracker” come from? Does saying it make you a racist? And can it really be compared to other racial slurs used to refer to people of color? These are the questions we try to answer in our latest MMXLII Perspective.

MMXLII Perspective: Mixed Race Baby Fetish

Staff writer Joel is back for another MMXLII perspective! Inspired by his adoration for photos of mixed race babies, Joel shot this video to confess his love – and his secret fear that a preference for one particular type of baby might be just a little bit racist.

The iGeneration Reaction to the Mixed-Race Cheerios Ad Will Lift Your Spirits

There’s been a lot of disheartening news lately – enough that some folks are already calling this season, barely halfway over, “America’s summer of hate.” The moniker may very well be earned – maybe it will even stick. If it does, though, we hope it will be because today’s children will one day make such hatred a thing of the past. We’ve written before about the iGeneration’s unprecedented openness to and appreciation for diversity. Today, we’d like to share some video evidence of that trend, in the hopes that it might help you get through a summer filled with bad news.

Photo from Youtube.

The Five Most Thoughtful Reactions to George Zimmerman’s Acquittal

George Zimmerman’s acquittal on all charges Saturday night has provoked endless reaction, analysis, and discussion. Appropriately so. The killing of an unarmed, Black, 17-year old, the failure to arrest his killer for 44 days, the rallying of the political right behind George Zimmerman, and against his victim, all speak to some of our oldest, ugliest national impulses. Unfortunately, the outpour of opinion on Trayvon Martin’s life and death has not always demonstrated the thoughtfulness, compassion, or humility befitting such a divisive and tragic story (see comments made by Zimmerman, Robert.) Fortunately, much of it has. Here are the five pieces we found most helpful in our contemplation of the Zimmerman verdict.
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MMXLII Perspective: Thank You, Twitter Racists

Today we’re pleased to announce the start of a new video series, MMXLII Perspectives. In our first video staff writer Joel, dismayed by the recent rash of Internet racism, has a message for the Twitter racists.