Hate Crime at Harvard Law

The hallways of Harvard Law School are lined with portraits of every tenured professor in the history of the university.

These portraits that normally provide such pride and hope for young African-American students, have been hatefully defaced by a single strip of black tape crossing out the face of each African-American professor shown on the walls.

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Confederate Flags Left Outside of Southern Church

Maintenance workers of Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta Georgia discovered four Confederate flags displayed on the ground this morning. The workers were so startled and offended by the incident that they immediately took pictures, and then promptly removed the flags from the site.
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Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Capitol

With the recent shooting in Charleston, the issue of the Confederate Flag flying in various locations around the country has become prevalent with strong backlash against its existence in modern times. There have been many debates on the argument of whether it is a racist or historic element. After a long debate in the South Carolina House of Representatives, the Confederate Flag has been approved to be removed from the Capitol Building.
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Michael B. Jordan Responds to Critics

There has been a lot of talk about Michael B. Jordan playing the role of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in the upcoming film Fantastic Four. A lot of this is centered on the fact that Johnny Storm is depicted as a Caucasian character in the Marvel comic book series and Michael B. Jordan is African American. What do you guys think about this casting decision? Click here to read what Jordan had to say about it.

Here We Go Again…

Atlanta Hawks’ GM, Danny Ferry, is now dealing with the repercussions of racially charged comments he made about Luol Deng. As we move towards a multicultural society, how will racism evolve? Click here to read more about what Ferry said about Deng.

Are All Of These Prank Videos Simply Veiled Racism?

Here’s the setup. A young white kid goes into working class community and finds a black man minding his own business. The white guy then asks the African-American stranger something that either challenges his manhood or does something threatening/ insulting to that person. Then the antics ensue. Funny?

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Police Brutality Is Now A Formality…

Those words spit by the Geto Boy’s Brad “Scarface” Jordan have never rang truer than right now. It seems like a day can’t go by without another visage of someone, mostly minorities, getting hammered by the police. After the jump, Vice takes a look at the recent highly publicized case of Eric Garner and the legacy of police brutality on black men. Read More

Racism Accelerates Aging In African-American Men, New Study Suggests

“Our findings suggest that racism literally makes people old,” lead investigator Dr. David H. Chae, an epidemiology professor at the University of Maryland’s school of public health.

Scientists have long known that experiencing racism is bad for your health. In fact, racial discrimination has been linked to depression, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and the common cold among other health issues. But can it help account for the fact that African-American men have a life expectancy nearly five years shorter than their white counterparts?

Maybe so, as a new study suggests that racial discrimination actually accelerates aging at the cellular level.

“Our findings suggest that racism literally makes people old,” lead investigator Dr. David H. Chae, an epidemiology professor at the University of Maryland’s school of public health, said in a written statement.

In the study, 92 African-American men between 30 and 50 years of age answered questions about facing discrimination, such as at work, in stores, or from police. The men also completed a so-called implicit association test that measured their attitudes toward different racial groups.

The researchers then analyzed the men’s DNA and looked specifically at the length of their telomeres. Those are the repetitive sequences of DNA that cap the ends of chromosomes to protect them from “fraying” — like the tips on the ends of shoelaces.

Why telomeres? They shorten each time a cell divides, losing around 50 to 100 base pairs every year on average, and they shorten more rapidly when a person is under stress.

“Telomere length may be a better indicator of biological age, which can give us insight into variations in the cumulative ‘wear and tear’ of the organism net of chronological age,” Dr. Chai said in the statement.

The researchers found that the men who had experienced greater racial discrimination and also displayed a stronger unconscious bias against their own racial group had the shortest telomeres. But no link was found between racism and telomere length in the African-American men who had pro-black attitudes.

“African American men who have more positive views of their racial group may be buffered from the negative impact of racial discrimination,” Dr. Chae said in the statement. “In contrast, those who have internalized an anti-black bias may be less able to cope with racist experiences, which may result in greater stress and shorter telomeres.”

The researchers noted that their findings may shed light on the detrimental health effects of policies like “stop-and-frisk” and others that may lead to racial profiling.

“While contemporary forms of racial discrimination may not have an overt racist component, studies consistently underscore a pattern of differential treatment of African Americans across social domains,” Dr. Chae told The Huffington Post in an email.

“There need to be efforts to address policies that are discriminatory and also greater enforcement of existing protective legislation,” he said, “this includes practices that are subtle and those which may not necessarily be illegal (e.g., receiving poorer service at restaurants, being followed in stores).”

The study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

[via Huffington Post]