A Day Without Immigrants

As the persecution of immigrants continues in our nation, “A Day Without Immigrants”, has quickly risen to popularity and encourages all to support migrants in these testing times. The protest calls for immigrants, whether naturalized citizens or undocumented, to stay home from work or school, close their businesses and not spend any money, as a way to protest the Trump administration’s stance on immigrants. The purpose is to show the economic power of immigrants in our nation and how we should support them and not push them way.

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Campus Activism

2015 was a big year for African-American student protesters. There were both large and small student protests throughout the year. Students at the University of Missouri, New York University, Ithaca College, Georgetown, Princeton, Yale, the University of North Carolina, and more, got together at their respective universities to protest different culturally offensive events, and materials.

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Would You Help Someone Who Offended You?

There has been a lot of attention in the news in regards to the Confederate Flag as of late. During a clash between those who are pro and against the Confederate Flag in Columbia, SC last Saturday, an image of an African American police officer assisting a man who appeared to be suffering from the sweltering heat was captured. The man in need of assistance was wearing a t-shirt bearing a swastika on the front of it and the image went viral. Would you help someone who openly offends you? Click here to read more.

Justice For Trayvon Protest Photos

Despite numerous (and arguably racist) predictions that an acquittal in the George Zimmerman trial would lead to violence or rioting, protests have been almost entirely peaceful. Which,at least in our opinion, doesn’t make them any less newsworthy. Last night MMXLII Correspondent Ashley Taylor went to a mid-sized protest at Leimert Park here in Los Angeles. Today we’re publishing some of the photos she took of the people who have come out to protest the Trayvon’s murder and the acquittal of his killer, as well as the police response to those protests.
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“Fruitvale Station” Tackles Oscar Grant Shooting

We thought we’d start the week with the trailer for “Fruitvale Station,” a new film from first-time director Ryan Coogler that’s been cleaning up on the festival circuit, taking home the Grand Jury prize at Sundance and Best New Film at Cannes. “Fruitvale Station” is a dramatization of the story of Oscar Grant, a story many of you may remember. Oscar Grant was shot to death on Bay Area Rapid Transit by Officer Johannes Mehserle less than five years ago. The shooting, which occurred when Grant was unarmed, received enormous amounts of publicity, and sparked a wave of protests, many but not all of them peaceful, as did Mehserle’s acquittal on charges of murder.
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9-Yr-Old Asean Johnson Fires Up Protesters to Fight School Closures [via Color Lines]

“Nine-year-old Asean Johnson may need to stand up on a chair to be seen above the podium from which he speaks, but he holds in him a wisdom and fire well beyond his years. Watch him address the crowds that assembled Monday to protest Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s school closures agenda, which will affect Garvey Elementary School, where Johnson is a student, and a proposed 53 other schools in the district.

Kids need safety. Rahm Emanuel is not caring about our schools. He’s not caring about our safety,” Johnson said at the rally. “He should be invested in these schools, not closing them. He should be supporting these schools, not closing him.”

Emanuel’s projected plan to shutter dozens of schools is ostensibly a bid to address a serious budget shortfall. And yet, teachers, parents and students in Chicago have come together to argue that shutting down schools is a wrong-headed move that overwhelmingly and disproportionately affects communities of color. (Asean Johnson’s addressed the racial inequity in Emanuel’s agenda too.)

Alas, despite months of protest, including multiple acts of civil disobedience and Johnson’s own passionate pleas, the Chicago Tribune reports that perhaps just five of the projected 54 schools may be saved. Via Color Lines” Video(s) after the break

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TODAY: Gay Activists to counter Chick-fil-A with Starbucks Appreciation Day

With all the supposed backlash that Chick-fil-A received for their president publicly being against same-sex marriage they ended up having a Chick-fil-A Appreciation day for those who supported the chain and their opinion.  Well now led by the organization Equally Wed, gay communities are making today National Marriage Equality Day Read More

Officers Attacked During Protest in Anaheim [VIDEO]

Speaking of issues with guns, some residents went protesting in Anaheim over the unarmed man who was gunned down there recently.  Things became a bit heated as protesters threw rocks at the police.  Well at least that the officer in the video says because we don’t see any evidence of that happening, just the same clips looped about 3-4 times.  Hit the jump and let us know what you think about this. Even the hackers group Anonymous has spoken up on this situation.

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With feminist protesters from the Ukraine already having attempted snatching the Euro 2012 trophy and the topless protesters making other appearances already this year,  could the Olympics be a stage not only for the world’s athletes but the Europe’s numerous problems?  Click here to read what Frank Deford at Sports Illustrated thinks.  No guarantee but it is something to think about.