Syd the Kyd on How She Fooled the Fader for Odd Future’s Big Break

The phrase “Fake it ’til you make it” has proven to be a very successful strategy for music acts in the digital age. As the MMXLII crew recently found it, this adage was especially useful for one of the biggest breakout groups of the decade: Odd Future. Watch Syd the Kyd of The Internet and Odd Future explain how she fooled the Fader into giving Odd Future their first big break by setting up a fake marketing company.

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“When I was Younger I Dreamed of Flying” CASEY VEGGIES [Countdown to 2042]

Incredibly, Casey Jones, better known by the hip hop moniker Casey Veggies, is only twenty years old. This may not strike some people as particularly noteworthy. There are, after all, plenty of twenty year olds in the world. However, there are far fewer twenty year olds who have been founding members of an internationally famous hip hop collective, started their own clothing line, or been co-signed by the likes of Mac Miller, Roc Nation, and music industry legend Sylvia Rhone. Casey Veggies has done all of these things. By the time he graduated high school, Casey had released multiple mixtapes, including his debut Customized Greatly Vol. 1 at the age of 14, founded the aptly named and highly successful clothing brand Peas & Carrots International, and helped found Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Today, he is working on his debut studio album and continues to grow both the Peas & Carrots and Casey Veggies brands. We caught up with Casey at his Inglewood studio to talk about why diversity excites him, how he’s a dreamer, and why you should travel abroad.

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