Nike Gets Inclusive With the ‘Pro Hijab’

In a time of great diversity, inclusion has never been stronger. Nike is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, and has been on a big push for equality “Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete of the World”. Most recently Nike unveiled their equality campaign that features some of the biggest athlete of our time and supports all athletes no matter where they come from.

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Community Meeting Becomes Racially Charged

We all know that racial intolerance still exists but it’s another thing when it stares you in the face. Samer Shalaby, a civil engineer, was met with opposition when he showed plans for a new Mosque to be built on land that is privately owned by the local Muslim community during a community meeting in Spotsylvania, VA. The video content may be offensive but this is the world that we still live in. Click here to see the video.

The Burka Avenger Flips The Script On Gender Inequalities

The Burka Avenger, is a game-changing Pakistani cartoon that has flipped the status quo on its head with its female superhero protagonist, who fights crime in her magical burka. The superhero is a teacher, Jiya, who in her spare time dons a burqa while fighting gender-based crimes and other evils, and she is the symbol of empowerment for girls across the Muslim world that many hoped would arrive. This couldn’t be more important for countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, where gender bias is rife and girls are raised with few role models. Click here to read more.

How People In Muslim Countries Prefer Women To Dress In Public

A visit to any Muslim-majority country will quickly reveal the variations that exist when it comes to appropriate female attire. But what do most residents consider most appropriate?

The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research conducted a study in seven Muslim-majority countries which asked the question “Which one of these women is dressed most appropriately for public places?”

The full report explains:

The style #1 is en vogue in Afghanistan; #2 is popular among both conservatives and fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab countries; #3 is the style vigorously promoted by Shi’i fundamentalism and conservatives in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon; #4 and #5 are considered most appropriate by modern Muslim women in Iran and Turkey; and #6 is preferred by secular women in the region.

Unsurprisingly, Saudi Arabia ranks highest for the most conservative clothing preference, as 63% of respondents pointed to the face-concealing niqab style as the most appropriate covering.

On the other side of the spectrum, 32% of Turkish respondents and 49% of Lebanese respondents said that they considered an uncovered head to be most appropriate.

Overall, most people surveyed considered the conservative hijab look of woman #4 to be the most appropriate dress for public.

The study also investigated responses to the question, “Should women be able to choose their own clothing?”


“Please God, Don’t Let It Be a Muslim” [VIDEO]

These are true words from an American Muslim. When terrorist acts occur the media and people of America have a tendency to assume prematurely that it will be someone who is Muslim. A pretty bad presumption on our society’s part. These presumptions can lead to a negative view of our Muslim neighbors. We usually don’t think of how this makes them feel so it’s time we see/hear their reaction. Read More


A film that a member of the MMXLII team became aware of last night so we wanted to share.  A story of a black pro basketball player playing and living in Iran while tensions between Iran and the West begin to escalate. Read More

Muslims Mad at More Than the Movie? [VIDEO]

We’ve heard plenty of different things in relation to the attacks and their relation to Muslim sentiment of America, but is it more than the low-budget movie?  Check out what Pakistani citizens Read More