Celebrate America’s Diversity with Gap’s New Summer Ad

In Gap’s new summer ad, they used real people from the streets to model their summer clothing line. Gap continues its approach to multicultural youth in the US by creating ads that are relatable to the changing face of America and the way we consume advertisements. “I am Gap” also is also set as a vertical video frame to emulate the way consumers are creating social content on Instagram and Snapchat.

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Nielsen Releases First Multicultural ‘SUPER CONSUMER’ Report

Nielsen has recently released their first multicultural consumer report titled “The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers” which identifies multicultural consumers as the most dynamic and fasting growing segment of the U.S. consumer economy. According to Nielsen, multicultural consumers are spending $3.4 trillion and are the most dynamic and fasting growing segment of the U.S. consumer economy.

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Marketing Teams Failing to Provide Multicultural Marketing Initiatives

Surprisingly only 55% of CEO’s believe in the importance of multicultural marketing initiatives. Both CEO’s and Executive boards have failed to fund any efforts towards marketing for their non-white consumers.

Although Hispanic consumers may hold $1.5 trillion in buying power, half of U.S. marketers have failed to establish multicultural marketing initiatives within their organizations, according to a new report.

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Have We Already Hit The Multicultural Tipping Point?

Although the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the U.S. is currently made up of roughly 17 percent Hispanic, 13 percent African-American, and 5 percent Asian, and almost 78 percent white, some feel that many of us are already multicultural by virtue of where we live and who we marry, among other things.

According to Guy Garcia, President of New Mainstream Initiatives at EthniFacts, “people can be multicultural by marriage, by interest, by family connections, or simply by embracing a diversity that is appealing to them.” He cites Eminem as a white American who has embraced African-American music and culture in his public life. “He is multicultural by attitude, by choice.”  Click here to read more.