Asian Culture Gets “Whitewashed” Again

With heightened attention on diversity and culture, you would think major Hollywood films would take notice. The newest film by Paramount Ghost in the Shell with lead actress Scarlett Johansson is the newest culprit in whitewashing films. The original character from the source material is Japanese and fans made their voices heard by using the films own marketing promotion. The film created a meme generator for fans to create their own creative content; many used it to promote Rinko kikuchi who fans thought should have been casted as the lead role.

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“Get Out”- A Horror Film About Race in America

With lots of reactions and conversation on social media, about the trailer for “Get Out”, written and directed by Jordan Peele of Key & Peele. There is no denying the film touches on sensitive topics in America that people are not willing to fully address.      

For Jordan Peele, the film is his directorial debut and brings to life his real passion, horror films. Peele’s describes the film as “a satirical, sort of horror, social world that brings a comedic aspect to such sensitive topics. Based on the trailer, people have been reacting to multiple issues addressed in the trailer like systemic racism, interracial relationships, stereotypes, and white privilege. Horror films have a reputation for killing off black characters fairly quickly. The lead is a black man (Daniel Kaluuya), which is already atypical of a horror movie.



People have been very positive about the film on social media by commenting on racial issues they have experienced themselves. Some people are also just freaked out about the horror aspect of the film. But this is the reaction Peele was going for as it sparks the conversation and causes a reaction from it’s audience. Peele describes it as getting a “very physical kind of reaction. It’s about tension and it’s about the release of tension”. With a release date not until February 24th, 2017, Peele has already left an impact with his audience.

Watch the trailer: Get Out


The Great Wall Controversy

When the preview for the film The Great Wall was released over the summer, it was immediately confronted with “whitewashing” controversy. The film tells the story of an elite force making a stand against a mythical creature on one of the world’s most iconic structures, The Great Wall of China. The film also takes on historical research over a 1,000 years old, in this epic monster movie.

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Straight Outta Compton Debuts at $56.1 Million

The premiere of hip hop biopic about rap group N.W.A., “Straight Outta Compton” debuted with a whopping $56.1 million during its first weekend. The film was set more than two decades ago, but its themes of racial tension, poverty and police brutality still speak to moviegoers living in a post-Ferguson world. “The movie tapped into something in our culture and that made it more of a must-see,” said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at N.W.A members Ice Cube and Dr. Dre helped produce the film about the early days of gansta rap and were integral to its marketing campaign. The film draws a diverse audience and is likely one of the most profitable films of the summer. 

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In 2013, Is A Movie About Slavery Still Necessary?

The year is 2013. The United States is 150 years past the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. We even have a Black president. Is another film about slavery still necessary? Absolutely, says journalist Lewis Beale.

Simply put, “A country that refuses to confront its past is a country in denial,” says Beale in his Op-Ed on why you should see the film “12 Years a Slave.”

Based on the memoir of Solomon Northup, a free black man kidnapped in 1841 in Washington and sold into slavery in New Orleans, “12 Years a Slave” opens Friday (October 18) with an A-list cast–Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. Directed by British director Steve McQueen, the film takes a brutally honest look at the racism and sheer brutality that defined the era.

“12 Years a Slave” is easily the most hard-hitting portrayal of slavery since the 1977 TV blockbuster “Roots.” It is the kind of film that many people will avoid, in part because of its depiction of everything from the surrealism of slave markets to whippings, rapes, hangings and the myriad ways in which slave owners terrorized and ruled over their property.

Watch the trailer for “12 Years a Slave”

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More Anti-Asian Propoganda w/ New Film: Olympus Has Fallen?

We won’t make that decision but it seems that our friends over at Angry Asian Man have. Just like in Red Dawn, another film about North Koreans threatening our homeland and its security. This plot is a bit different as a man named Kang acts as a South Korean ally in a plot to take over the White House from within. Hit the jump to see the trailer and read our friends at Angry Asian Man’s opinion of the film. Read More

Stoker by Park Chan Wook Starring Nicole Kidman [TRAILER]

Korean director Park Chan Wook [best known for his Vengeance Trilogy] presents his first English language film. The movie is about a girl (Mia Wasikoswska), who, after her fathers dies, is confronted with the emergence of her mysterious uncle Charlie Read More