Get ready for “Get Out”

Jordan Peele is set to make his directorial debut with his horror film “Get Out” starring Daniel Kaluuya. In this film, which he also wrote and produced, Jordan Peele takes a bold move to address race with a horror twist. In his fearless manner, Peele sets up a story with an African-American man who’s meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time, but she has not told them he’s black. The film proceeds to take a horror twist, as the main character encounters other African-American people who work at his girlfriend’s parents estate and seem a little off.

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Dear White People…The Movie

It’s like Spike Lee’s School Daze for the “post-racial” era. But as we wait for the much talked about sequel to Lee’s groundbreaking film, we are certainly looking forward to seeing this. See the recently released trailer after the jump.

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Jay-Z Will Write The Great Gatsby Score

Did you ever think a movie for the story The Great Gatsby would become a film with a hip-hop score? Well we’re not sure how hip-hop it will be but the fact that it’s being scored by one of hip-hop’s heavyweights Read More

Teddy Bear [Movie Trailer]

An interesting movie about interracial dating and the contemporary view of love in the world.  A 38 year old bodybuilder still living at home in Copenhagen that has been alone all his life sees his uncle get married to a girl from Thailand and feels he’ll have better luck there.  He travels to Pattaya to find a Thai woman knowing his mother won’t approve.  Having never traveled, Dennis experiences a huge culture shock among other things.  Hit the jump to get a glimpse of this interesting movie, due out August 22nd.

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Shortly after seeing that video on Made “Garut” Widiarta, we came across this trailer for a documentary in the developing nation of Papau New Guinea and it’s evolving indigenous surf culture. Pretty intense, take a look. For more info on the film go here.