MMXLII EXCLUSIVE: Countdown to 2042 w/ George Clinton pt. 2 [VIDEO]

Today we’re back with the second part of our Countdown to 2042 episode with George Clinton. Clinton breaks down how his music’s ability to attract both black and white listeners helped them to define a new sound. Clinton talks about funk’s connection to hip-hop and how being open to new things has allowed him to recognize new sounds and make connections with new generations of talent. Learn how he’s stayed relevant for so long and see all the different talents he’s worked with over the years in our new clip. Read More

MMXLII Exclusive: Countdown to 2042 W/ George Clinton pt. 1 [VIDEO]

We told you we had an interview with a legend coming soon, so here we are. We like to talk diversity here, and who better to talk about diversity with, than the grandmaster of funk George Clinton? In part 1 of our interview with George Clinton, he reveals how a simple name change was a key factor in creating a new sound. Read More

MMXLII Exclusive: Countdown to 2042 W/ Speak! [VIDEO]

As promised, here is the newest installment of our original series “Countdown to 2042″. This time featuring hip-hop artist Speak! We caught up with him at Paid Dues recently and heard him weigh in on diversity, intermingling and how he fits into the hip-hop landscape being Jewish and Mexican.

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Speaking of Race: Spoken Word and Racial Identity

Gillian Sherif is a senior at UC Berkeley, studying English with a focus on contemporary literature, poetry, and mixed race studies. She is currently writing an honors thesis that analyzes the performance of marginalized racial identities in spoken word and their influence on individual and societal constructs of race. Hit the jump to read her understanding of race as well as see the very poems she is referencing in her thesis.

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MMXLII Exclusive: Countdown to 2042 w/ BARATUNDE THURSTON [VIDEO]

For our readers that have been wondering what the name MMXLII is, it’s the roman numerals for 2042. In the year 2042, via the U.S. census, America will no longer have a single ethnic majority. We explore that landmark date with different leaders in their respective fields. Today we start with Baratunde Thurston the author of “How To Be Black”. Baratunde is also the founder of Cultivated Wit. Hit the jump to get a great insight from our friend. Read More

MMXLII Attends Minds Matter 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the Minds Matter of Los Angeles 3rd Annual Fundraising Benefit. We recently featured an essay from one of MMLA’s students, so it was great to see the faces of the students and staff who are part of this outstanding organization.
At the event, we were able to meet the first graduates of the program, which was a huge deal for the organization. MMLA helps students from low-income families by broadening their dreams and preparing them for success in college.
Hit the jump to read thoughts about this wonderful program from some of MMLA’s students, mentors and the LA Chapter President.

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MMXLII Viewpoint: What Are You?

Our guest correspondent Joel Wacks is back with another intriguing article as he takes time to reflect on his personal life. As a person of mixed race there is a common question he seems to always be asked, and for one reason or another…it doesn’t sit too well. Hit the jump and take a look at his opinion and see what many other people of mixed race have to deal with constantly. Take a walk in their shoes so you can think about how that question may come across for some people. And if you are of mixed race, this is probably a story you can relate to. Read More