Hot Sauce is Diversity

Sriracha, Tabasco, Tapatio, Cholula – what do you know about those famous hot sauce brands? That they’re hot? Delicious? Painfully good? In this week’s MIXLY Perspective, we plumb the fiery depths for an important lesson about hot sauce and diversity.

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MIXLY PERSPECTIVE: White Privilege is Like Flying First Class

We’ve been hearing the phrase “white privilege” in the news a lot lately – in discussions revolving around everything from New York’s controversially-unconstitutional “Stop and Frisk” policy to Miley Cyrus’s possibly more controversial VMA performance. Though some of the conversations it’s surfaced in may seem trivial, white privilege is anything but. In fact, for an idea that’s become as ubiquitous as it is important, there are shockingly few explanations of what white privilege actually is out there. We thought we’d give it a shot with another analogy – “White Privilege is Like Flying First Class.”
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MIXLY Perspective: F*ck Reverse Racism

We all agree that reverse racism, as a concept, is as whack as any other kind of racism. But what about “reverse racism” as a phrase? In our latest MIXLY Perspective, staff writer Joel breaks down why he hates the phrase almost as much as the thing itself.