Parts Unknown: Korean-American Food Stays True to its Roots [VIDEO]

Earlier you probably saw us tweet about the next episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown where he will come to Los Angeles to see the meeting point of Asian, Mexican and Latino cultures. In this preview we see Bourdain with Roy Choi [of Kogi BBQ] as they eat at a Korean restaurant and discuss how Koreans weren’t a group that looked to change their food habits to appease Americans. Koreans let Americans come around to them. Read More

Why Mexicans Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day via Latino LA

Now if you follow us on Instagram you should have noticed the picture we posted of the Shamrock Pinata, and to some of you that may have been a bit strange. Some of you may have even thought what does this even have to do with the other. Mexican and Irish culture that is. Well hit the jump and read some vital information from our friends at Latino LA on how the two are very related. Read More

Lil Moco – Started From the Border f/ Chingo Bling [Drake Parody Video]

A couple of weeks back we showed you Drake’s newest video with his eclectic group of friends. Today we found a spoof video that uses the song and video to celebrate the contributions of Latino immigrants to the United States of America.

Interestingly at the 4:15 mark, Chingo Bling calls out food brands that have been expanding with ethnically driven flavors. This is a trend that we at MMXLII have been paying attention to, especially with the rise of online discussion due to the new Lay’s Flavors [Chicken & Waffle, Sriracha, Garlic Cheesy Bread].

“guess what…if we bounce the economy shuts down puto
without us, no more interesting snacks, no more hybrid snacks,
Doritos with the Tapatio…cucumber Gatorade with lime puto, we did that.”

- Chingo Bling

Hit the jump to watch this hilarious video.

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MMXLII Exclusive: Ever Eaten A Chinese Burrito? [VIDEO]

If you haven’t then you need to make sure to check out our good friends at Don Chow‘s.  They bring a collection of Mexican and Chinese comfort foods all under one roof.  And if you’re feeling lucky you can combine them into things like the Chinese Burrito.  We headed out one evening to the Food Truck & Cinema in Los Angeles and came across the famed truck.  With cameras in hand we decided to get some background info on them and their menu.

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Arizona’s War on Mexicans through 1070 SB via LA Weekly

An interesting and informative read courtesy of LA Weekly on the conditions of Mexicans (legal and illegal) in Arizona due to the 1070 Senate Bill.  Just by being Mexican, or appearing to be Latino the local authorities can basically pull you over (in very threatening manners) and question your right to be here.  And with it not looking like the Supreme Court is going to intervene soon, could other states follow suit?  Read the article here.