California Is The Most Diverse State

We all know that California is home to some of the most diverse cities in the United States. WalletHub decided to look at the most diverse cities and more criteria like economy, education, and income levels as well. New York and Dallas finished 19th and 16th respectively.

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The Grammy Conundrum

As hip-hop culture grows more diverse in voice and representation, the Grammys seem slow to catch up. The genre easily boasts several vibrant subgenres and possible spinoff styles of music. They might even deserve categories of their own. But during the industry’s most recognizable awards show, all artists who rap are lumped into the same lane. In this day and age, that’s akin to lumping all singers into the same genre just because they sing. Alas, it seems that hip-hop still may have miles to go before being fully recognized as more than just “rap music” in the eyes of those handing out the coveted golden gramophone. But who’s really responsible for this? Read More →

“We Got a Lot of Heat”: Lil Debbie on White Girl Mob and Diversity in the Music Industry [Countdown to 2042]

Rapper and fashion designer Lil Debbie rose to fame as part of the Oakland-based White Girl Mob, starring alongside fellow white woman rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty in viral hits like “Gucci Gucci.” Since those days she’s struck out on her own and moved to Los Angeles. Since hooking up with controversial, eccentric rapper/entertainer/pop culture icon RiFF RaFF, Lil Debbie has created multiple million view hits, including “SQUiRT” and “2-Cups.” A new EP, “California’s Sweetheart,” is scheduled for Fall of 2013. We caught up with Lil Debbie at the Orange County Observatory to chat about the challenges of being a white woman rapper, the difference between the Bay and Los Angeles, and diversity in the music industry.
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Justice For Trayvon Protest Photos

Despite numerous (and arguably racist) predictions that an acquittal in the George Zimmerman trial would lead to violence or rioting, protests have been almost entirely peaceful. Which,at least in our opinion, doesn’t make them any less newsworthy. Last night MMXLII Correspondent Ashley Taylor went to a mid-sized protest at Leimert Park here in Los Angeles. Today we’re publishing some of the photos she took of the people who have come out to protest the Trayvon’s murder and the acquittal of his killer, as well as the police response to those protests.
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Dumbfoundead presents RUN DMZ (Ep. 1 of 6) [video]

New action type web series situated in Koreatown, Los Angeles featuring rappers Wax, Dumbfoundead, musician Breezy Lovejoy. Drops every Tuesday.

“When a new Korean BBQ spot opens up across the street from his mom’s restaurant, old tensions between North and South Koreatown boil over and Jon Park (Dumbfoundead) must take matters into his own hands to hold down the neighborhood.”

Video after the break.

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Parts Unknown: Korean-American Food Stays True to its Roots [VIDEO]

Earlier you probably saw us tweet about the next episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown where he will come to Los Angeles to see the meeting point of Asian, Mexican and Latino cultures. In this preview we see Bourdain with Roy Choi [of Kogi BBQ] as they eat at a Korean restaurant and discuss how Koreans weren’t a group that looked to change their food habits to appease Americans. Koreans let Americans come around to them. Read More

Experience a Passover Meal in Public or Learn to Cook One via LA Weekly

We just shared with you the info about the Persian New Year so it’s only fair that we shed some limelight on another cultural tradition coming up: Passover. If you wan’t to experience the culture but aren’t sure how to there are two ways in Los Angeles that will help you out. You can learn by going to a restaurant that is sharing the tradition or learn how to make a meal yourself. Hit the jump for the details. Read More

How a Sardine Surplus in India May Change Our Daily Diet

Ok so not directly, but this article below highlights how changes in the world are allowing a “redrawing” of global resources. With climate changes, more places around the globe are seeing an abundance in some foods and opportunities to grow other new foods. Hit the jump to see some of these connections. Read More

The Best of Mexico in Film, Food and Music via Latino LA

Just sharing a pretty good looking event coming up that you may want to mark on your calendars. The Hola Mexico Festival takes place at various locations in downtown Los Angeles, May 15th to 22th and highlights music, food and film from Mexico. Hit the jump for more details. Read More