American Women Bringing Home More Gold Than the Men [VIDEO]

Well the Olympics are over and we have to wait another four years before we can see a the next competition but we won’t forget all the storylines.  Some of the biggest storylines were as we have already noted the amount of history that women across the world made.  Whether it was breaking records, being the first African-American woman to win an event or Read More

Damien Hirst UK Flag for 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

We were watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics and definitely liked the visuals throughout the ceremony.  We have differing opinions on the talent choices, some we agreed with others we didn’t understand…either way it was evident that the British contributed much to the world via music and art.  We saw some artwork that looked to be of Damien Hirst but weren’t sure, then all over the internets we see that there was indeed art from the artist/entrepreneur.  His signature style is consistent so we shouldn’t have second guessed ourselves.  Hit the jump to see the flag artwork he did.

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A Discussion of the Role of Women in the Olympics [VIDEO]

We saw plenty of historical accomplishments achieved by the women in this year’s Olympics, but does that mean that women’s sports are on a more equal platform at this point?  CNN doesn’t seem to think so.  Hit the jump to see their thoughts on the situation.

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Bob Marley’s Daughter, Cedella is an Olympic Designer [VIDEO]

So while we’re talking about things going on Jamaica, let’s flip to the Olympics real quick.  Everyone has seen their uniforms front and center as athletes like Usain Bolt keep grabbing medals, but did u know Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley designed them?  Hit the jump to see the video.

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Guatemalan Wins First Ever Games Medal in London [VIDEO]

There have been plenty of firsts in this year’s Olympics and nothing could be more historical than this, at least for the country of Guatemala.  Erick Barrondo grabbed a silver in the 20 km race walk.  To be the athlete to win your country’s FIRST Olympic medal is a great honor.  Hit the jump to see what CNN reported on this historic win.

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Michael Phelps Wins 17th Gold Medal, 21 Total…Historical

Well just when you thought Phelps was done he makes history yet again.  This will probably get aired later this evening but the news is already being heard all over the world.  He took gold in close race in the 100m Butterfly event.  Phelps brought in the gold with a time of 51.21 seconds.  Hit the jump for more details.

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Skip Bayless Doesn’t Think Phelps is an Elite Athlete Because There Are No Black Swimmers? [VIDEO]

Another debate on ESPN First Take that caught our eye today.  We definitely think Phelps should be considered as one of the greatest athletes at this point after winning his 19th Olympic medal, especially since we view swimming as one of the more rigorous sports as it tends to wear out the entire body.  Interestingly enough Skip Bayless doesn’t think so, Read More