MIXLY Recommends: Best of the Fung Bros.

We’ve been big fans of the Fung Bros. for a while. Comedy duo and real-life brothers David and Andrew Fung talk and rap about some very important subjects about a variety of subjects, with some of their favorites being Asian food, Asian stereotypes, and their majority-Asian adopted hometown, the Los Angeles-area San Gabriel. We could extol the virtues of the Fung Bros. and their clever, insightful humor all day, but since the vast majority of their content is available on YouTube we thought we’d do one better and bring you the best of the Fung Bros.!
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Pacific Arts Movement Presents Spring Showcase, April 18-25

Alright let’s take a step away from some of the heavy stories around the bombing and lighten the mood. If you’re in the San Diego area, or in Los Angeles and want to get away, and you’re interested in Asian Cinema check out this event. Hit the jump to see a larger flyer image. Read More

Jeremy Lin on 60 Minutes [VIDEO]

You’ve seen us reference Jeremy Lin and “Linsanity” a number of times but it’s hard for his story to get old because it hasn’t really been seen before. So with our newest Lin update we bring to you his segment on 60 Minutes that aired over the weekend. In case you missed it just hit the jump. Read More