Healthy Fast Food…Is It Possible?

Remember when we highlighted that Millennials don’t have McDonald’s as a top place to eat these days? And you’ve probably seen plenty of stories about the younger generation being more interested in organic foods, less red meat and vegan lifestyles. Millennials also like affordable food…so is it a coincidence that fast food chains are looking to “clean up” their image. The question is are they only cleaning up the image or is the food as healthy as they present it? Read More

What’s a Chinese Calzone + Where to Find Them via LA Weekly

It’s getting closer to lunch time, so food headlines seem to grab our attention much easier at this point. This particular headline stood out and we had to investigate. When you hear calzone you don’t think Chinese and when you hear Chinese you don’t think calzone. But obviously it exists. Details of how and where to find it after the jump. Read More

Experience a Passover Meal in Public or Learn to Cook One via LA Weekly

We just shared with you the info about the Persian New Year so it’s only fair that we shed some limelight on another cultural tradition coming up: Passover. If you wan’t to experience the culture but aren’t sure how to there are two ways in Los Angeles that will help you out. You can learn by going to a restaurant that is sharing the tradition or learn how to make a meal yourself. Hit the jump for the details. Read More

How a Sardine Surplus in India May Change Our Daily Diet

Ok so not directly, but this article below highlights how changes in the world are allowing a “redrawing” of global resources. With climate changes, more places around the globe are seeing an abundance in some foods and opportunities to grow other new foods. Hit the jump to see some of these connections. Read More

Serious Drinking: What is Cognac For? via LA Weekly

Cognac, the name you hear related to the popular drink Hennessy and other similar spirits. But what does it speak to? Some think it’s a drink for rich, privileged white men, others think it’s the cool thing that rappers drink at festive occasions, being a pompous nightclub or a porch in the projects. Rooted in different ways in American culture, an article we found breaks down it’s history and how it became the symbol it is now. Ideally giving an idea who and what the spirit is for. Hit the jump to read. Read More

10 Essential Chinese New Year Dishes via LA Weekly

We’ve run a number of stories surrounding the Chinese New Year, from fashion, festivals and more. With the celebration starting on the 10th and lasting 15 days, we felt this was a good article to share with you. There are definite entrees that are eaten for Chinese New Year and they all have stories behind why they are traditionally used. Hit the jump to get a more detailed insight. Read More

Hollywood’s Urban Cleansing via LA Weekly

We came across this article today which was related to an LA Weekly cover story we saw a week or two ago. For some reason we never posted the article but it’s definitely a must read. With the facelift of Hollywood and all the new things popping up there, it seems as if a huge Latino community is being pushed out in exchange for hipsters and high rollers. Hit the jump to check out the article. Read More