“We Got a Lot of Heat”: Lil Debbie on White Girl Mob and Diversity in the Music Industry [Countdown to 2042]

Rapper and fashion designer Lil Debbie rose to fame as part of the Oakland-based White Girl Mob, starring alongside fellow white woman rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty in viral hits like “Gucci Gucci.” Since those days she’s struck out on her own and moved to Los Angeles. Since hooking up with controversial, eccentric rapper/entertainer/pop culture icon RiFF RaFF, Lil Debbie has created multiple million view hits, including “SQUiRT” and “2-Cups.” A new EP, “California’s Sweetheart,” is scheduled for Fall of 2013. We caught up with Lil Debbie at the Orange County Observatory to chat about the challenges of being a white woman rapper, the difference between the Bay and Los Angeles, and diversity in the music industry.
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Photo from simstaplease.tumblr.com.

Kreayshawn – Go Hard (La.La.La) [MUSIC VIDEO]

So Kreayshawn looks ready to release her new album and she jumps into promo mode with this new video officially released on her VEVO page.  It’s still Kreayshawn on her wild out stuff but the sound seems a bit more pop than the songs that really pushed her out into the forefront.  Many people said she sounded like a playful “trap rapper”.  Check it out and see for yourself.  Do you think she exploited a hip-hop trend to get on or did she simply “sell out”.

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Adam Weiss: A White Guy Who Gets Ratchet..? via LA Weekly

Check out this article by LA Weekly profiling a popular white guy around town who makes his living promoting events that involve rappers that get ignorant, sip codeine, love strip clubs and enjoy oral sex with strangers.  Is he really into this urban culture or do you think he’s exploiting it because it’s trendy?  With him being white is is okay for him to mimic the culture as something lighthearted and amusing?  Read the article and let us know in the comments!