Ford’s Inappropriate Ad Campaign: Insensitive Miscue or Bigger Issue?

Long story short, Ford and marketing agency JWT apologized for this illustrated ad that leaked to the internet for their Figo vehicle. Some say it was social commentary served with tasteless humor and others are calling it a glorification of rape culture. Hit the jump for a closer look at the ad and some more details on the ad. Read More

Kanye West’s Ex Says He’s Insecure and Kim Kardashian ‘Fits Into His Brand’

We came across this article on Clutch Magazine’s website though it’s not the type of news we usually entertain, we were interested in knowing what Kanye’s ex meant by Kim fitting into Kanye’s brand. Her opinion didn’t seem hateful or spiteful but more of an observation, yet you never know why people are motivated to discuss their celebrity ex’s. Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon said something interesting in that Kanye is with Kim because it adds to his persona. Right now Kim is the woman that every man wants, and he has her and she’s in love with him. Not saying that the ‘KimYe’ relationship is fake or non-genuine, but this observation from a woman who understands Kanye’s line of thinking raises a brow for us. Over the years in hip-hop, the trend of desired women seems to be a non-black woman with exotic or [stereotypically] black features. As of right now the woman that fits that bill the most is Kim Kardashian. As the perception of beauty in American evolves and certain types of women become a sex symbols and even a status symbol, how will this affect interracial relationships moving forward? Hit the jump to read the full article and let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments section. Read More