Intel Leading The Charge

The inclusion of women and minorities in the tech sphere is the talk of 2015, so the biggest tech firms from Facebook to Google, are on high gear to diversify their workforce – or so it seems. As Marcia Wade Talbert of reports,

Black and Latino employees at Google saw no changes in their representation among leadership, tech and non-tech jobs.

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How Big Tech Firms Addressing Diversity

It’s no secret that the tech industry has a long way to go in leveling the playing field when it comes to diversity and equality in its workforce. However, some have made real strides in resolving the issue. Click here to read how Microsoft, Facebook and Intel are addressing it.

Muhammad Yunus’ Q&A w/ USA Today

This man was chosen for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his ability to help reduce poverty in Bangladesh by loaning as little as $30 for people to start their own businesses. Now he has a new initiative called “social businesses” that even exists in the United States. Could he change the world. Read his Q&A as he discusses his Nobel Peace Prize winning endeavor and his new initiative. Read More

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams [VIDEO]

Ever since Kanye West sampled Daft Punk it feels they have become widely accepted among the urban market, not they needed urban fans to be successful. But you can say that the sample did knock down some barriers. Pharrell is an artist/trendsetter that has never been afraid to collaborate with “elements” outside of his box. So with that in mind this collaboration seems perfect. Daft Punk has a current web series highlighting the collaborators behind their new album Random Access Memories. The newest episode shows their work with Pharrell, who you may have seen on their television ads for the album. Read More

The xx – Chained [MUSIC VIDEO]

With so many people talking about the performance last week and everyone around the office talking about this video we decided to share it with all of you before you start your weekend. The new Read More

Saving Chinese Art From Extinction | Meet Yang Yongliang [VIDEO]

It seems with the growth of the digital age the traditional arts like painting, calligraphy and more are less and less the focus for the youth.  So how does one make this cool for the next generations? How do you update an ancient art tradition of a place like China?  Well it would have to be Photoshop.  Think about it, if the program can save all these models, it should be able to save art right?  Hit the jump to see the amazing process that Yang Yongliang uses to accomplish things.

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Jamie xx, Caribou + Four Tet Rock The Grand Palais [VIDEO]

The week-long Creators Project residency in Paris kicked off at Le Centquatre with a panel on the Art of Music with Philippe Zdar, Para One, and Canblaster, the same place that Chris Milk’s transformative, large-scale installation The Treachery of Sanctuary was on display all week.

We hosted Bal Blanc, the closing of Monumenta 2012, in collaboration with We Love Art, where Four Tet, Caribou, and Jamie xx played back-to-back-to-back DJ sets accentuated by Daniel Buren’s artwork with lighting by 1024 architecture.

We rounded out the week with film screenings of Laurence Anyways by Xavier Dolan and Wrong by Quentin Dupieux, plus panels with MEGAFORCE™ and Sébastien Tellier.The Creators Project

Turn Any Wall Into A Touchscreen [VIDEO]

For The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012, we paired up Doug Carmean from Intel Labs with a team from Social Print Studio in order to create a social touch display.

The result was #Creators Live, an interactive installation that lets patrons scroll through and zoom in on real-time Instagram photos tagged #creators. We liked the social experiment so much, we’re bringing it to all our 2012 events.The Creators Project