Cashmere Agency Hosts Fast Company’s Creativity Counter-Conference

Fast Company held their first-ever gathering in Los Angeles to cast a lens on the impact and importance of creativity in business, technology, design and entertainment. Cashmere Agency was one of the host locations in the Playa Vista neighborhood and held a discussion panel on the importance of embracing diversity when marketing to the Millennial demographic. On the panel were Ryan Ford, EVP & CCO; Ted Chung, Founder of Cashmere Agency; Nick Adler, VP of Business Development and Rona Mercado, VP of Marketing, Client Services. Click here for more info on #FCLA.

Hot Sauce is Diversity

Sriracha, Tabasco, Tapatio, Cholula – what do you know about those famous hot sauce brands? That they’re hot? Delicious? Painfully good? In this week’s MIXLY Perspective, we plumb the fiery depths for an important lesson about hot sauce and diversity.

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