MMXLII Perspective: Thank You, Twitter Racists

Today we’re pleased to announce the start of a new video series, MMXLII Perspectives. In our first video staff writer Joel, dismayed by the recent rash of Internet racism, has a message for the Twitter racists.

Out of the Closet and Into the Locker Room: The Business of Coming Out in the Pros

We had posted an interesting video about the relation of gays and major league sports. There have been a few articles about leagues and athletes supporting gay rights yet would homosexuality actually be embraced in the locker room. Today we found an article discussing the money that may could be made by having an athlete come forward as openly gay. Hit the jump to read and let us know if you think this may be true.

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Le1f & Boody – Soda [MUSIC VIDEO]

We ran a video about how hip-hop is generally speaking, one of the more homophobic genres of music despite its popularity.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t openly gay rappers.   Read More

Stereotypes – Word On The Street, Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

Here is part 2 of the season finale of StereoTypes.  For the finale they talk the black and white dynamic in America, black suffering vs Jewish suffering, can black people be racist, stereotypes of biracial people, homophobia in the church and more.  Some really interesting discussion here for the finale, no holds barred.  Check it out.

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Noisey Talks: Frank Ocean And Homophobia In Hip-Hop (and Suri Cruise)

Interesting to see people outside of the hip-hop nation talk about the level of homophobia in hip-hop.  They mostly say it’s anti-climatic because there was no real backlash about it and most people were supportive of Frank’s announcement.  They touch on the change of mainstream hip-hop in the last ten years and how it may have caused a more emotional yet accepting generation.   Read More

NBA Player Amar’e Stoudemire in Hot Seat for Anti-Gay Slur on Twitter

Another case of a professional athlete/celebrity making a public offense on social media.  This time it was Amar’e Stoudemire and it was in response to a fan who called out Stoudemire basically wanting him to come back and play better next season.  This obvious New York Knicks fan is also a Stoudemire fan.  With this not being the first time we’ve seen this do you guys think it should be overlooked as part of their personal freedom of speech or should sports leagues, labels etc be put in charge of monitoring these types of accounts?