NYC Public School System Still Facing Racial Diversity Challenges

A recent study on the racial makeup of students who were accepted into New York City’s elite specialized high schools showed that 5% of students offered seats for next fall are black, 7% Hispanic, 28% white and 52% Asian. New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña says she will continue to review ideas on how to increase diversity at this level of education but also admits, “at the end of the day, however, the best way to increase diversity at these schools is to ensure that every student goes to a great elementary and middle school.” Is this enough? Click here to read more.

Race is Like a High School Clique

Have you ever heard the argument that race is a social construction with no biological basis? Have you ever heard that argument and had no idea what it meant? Have you ever heard that idea and asked yourself, “What on Earth is a social construction?” Well, if so, you’re not unlike staff writer Joel, whose efforts to understand this important idea inspired the title of this post, “Race is Like a High School Clique.” Watch him break it all down in our latest MIXLY Perspective.
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