Latino Urbanism During the Civil Rights Movement

During the time of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, Chicano culture was going through their own struggle for cultural identity. Originally it started in politics through protesting, but eventually evolved into public art.

Latino urbanism goes beyond creating great public spaces. It also includes cultural identity, which is shaped by needs, desires, and imagination.

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Gobble Tov! Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Here at MMXLII, we love to see different cultures embrace each others customs and celebrations. To help facilitate this tremendous occasion, the StudentExperts at put together this nifty infographic.

With that said, get excited! It’s almost time for Thanksgivukkah! This year, the Hebrew and U.S. calendars overlap so that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day. This will not happen again for another 79,043 years. So break out the Dreidel and the cranberry sauce and start celebrating.

Gobble Tov! Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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Five Things Vampires Can Teach Us About Neighboring

We are all about diversity of course and that means we’re open to the cultures and traditions of everyone, even those that are viewed as mythical communities like vampires. We came across this interesting article explaining some traditions that vampires can teach all people. Some things to “live” by, even if these people are truly ‘alive’. Read More

When Our Kids Own America pt. 1 via NPR

While reading a cool article on code-switching from NPR we looked through their “Code Switching” section and fell upon their newest post which seemed to be even more so up our alley. It’s a three part series and you can start reading part 1 after the jump. What is it about you ask? This: America’s seismic demographic shift is upending life in our suburbs, cities and our popular culture. So why are we still clinging to the same stories to make sense of these changes? Read More

Some Other Race; How Do We Count Hispanics?

For many the break down of what’s considered Hispanic can be a confusing one. It’s definitely left the census confused and with immigration being one of the largest topics for legislature a closer look. With Hispanics, they can fit into a number of various races and recently a good number of them via the census have categorized themselves as some other race. This confusion has the census looking into collapsing the race and ethnicity questions into one looking to clarify origin. It’s led Hispanics to almost become a de facto race. This isn’t the first time this has happened as European immigrants from years ago have grown into what we know as ‘white’ in America. Hit the jump to see some insight on this issue. Let us know your thoughts on the article in the comments section. Read More

Thievery Corporation via NOWNESS [VIDEO]

Author Régis Jauffret’s Parisian Tale of Lust Gets a Sexy Cinematic Spin: “My favorite gemstone is ruby—the color of passion, eroticism, lips, blood and aristocracy,” says Paris-born actress Read More