[Ep. 3] Pack Your Bags Season 2: You’re Going to Shanghai

MMXLII student correspondents Ryan Bunma and Tarik Ross, Jr. are stopping by for another episode of Pack Your Bags: You’re Going To Shanghai. In this eye-popping episode, Ryan and Tarik are exploring some of the delicious and intriguing cuisine that Shanghai has to offer. Follow along as they try new things and discover the customs of Shanghai’s incredible dining culture.

pyb-chinese-food-3 PYB-chinese-food-2

Stay tuned for more, as well as the Pack Your Bags video series, which will chronicle the week Ryan and Tarik spent in China!

Orange Chicken Needs Rebranding

Two friends have traveled together to a new city, and are wandering the streets looking for somewhere to eat. One is a self-proclaimed “foodie,” the other is no such thing, but does harbor an appreciation for quality consumables. At some point during the search the two pass a local franchise of a national chain of Chinese fast-food, well-known for its signature dish – orange chicken. Friend number two suggests stopping for lunch, the foodie is appalled, labeling the chain “inauthentic” and suggesting a nearby food truck as a more palatable alternative. The food truck is eventually located, and the two friends gorge themselves on burritos, topped with sour cream and salsa and filled with Korean-style barbecue short ribs and kimchee.
The scenario is as puzzling as it is likely. Why would the foodie reject the “inauthentic” orange chicken for a hybrid meal authentic neither to the Korean cuisine from which it derives its content, nor the Americanized version of Mexican cuisine (itself of dubious authenticity) from which it derives its form?
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MMXLII Exclusive: Ever Eaten A Chinese Burrito? [VIDEO]

If you haven’t then you need to make sure to check out our good friends at Don Chow‘s.  They bring a collection of Mexican and Chinese comfort foods all under one roof.  And if you’re feeling lucky you can combine them into things like the Chinese Burrito.  We headed out one evening to the Food Truck & Cinema in Los Angeles and came across the famed truck.  With cameras in hand we decided to get some background info on them and their menu.

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Freemans Sporting Club & Sunday / Paper present “Mission Chinese” [VIDEO]

Have you ever thought of applying those action sport cinematic effects they use for the super slow motion with something that’s not so fast paced?  Well they did for this video as the storyline is centered around a cook in the kitchen at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Some out of the box thinking…check it out.  It’s seven minutes so make sure you have the time to watch it, you don’t want to miss anything.