The iGeneration Reaction to the Mixed-Race Cheerios Ad Will Lift Your Spirits

There’s been a lot of disheartening news lately – enough that some folks are already calling this season, barely halfway over, “America’s summer of hate.” The moniker may very well be earned – maybe it will even stick. If it does, though, we hope it will be because today’s children will one day make such hatred a thing of the past. We’ve written before about the iGeneration’s unprecedented openness to and appreciation for diversity. Today, we’d like to share some video evidence of that trend, in the hopes that it might help you get through a summer filled with bad news.

Photo from Youtube.

MMXLII Perspective: Thank You, Twitter Racists

Today we’re pleased to announce the start of a new video series, MMXLII Perspectives. In our first video staff writer Joel, dismayed by the recent rash of Internet racism, has a message for the Twitter racists.