Asian Culture Gets “Whitewashed” Again

With heightened attention on diversity and culture, you would think major Hollywood films would take notice. The newest film by Paramount Ghost in the Shell with lead actress Scarlett Johansson is the newest culprit in whitewashing films. The original character from the source material is Japanese and fans made their voices heard by using the films own marketing promotion. The film created a meme generator for fans to create their own creative content; many used it to promote Rinko kikuchi who fans thought should have been casted as the lead role.

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MIXLY Recommends: Best of the Fung Bros.

We’ve been big fans of the Fung Bros. for a while. Comedy duo and real-life brothers David and Andrew Fung talk and rap about some very important subjects about a variety of subjects, with some of their favorites being Asian food, Asian stereotypes, and their majority-Asian adopted hometown, the Los Angeles-area San Gabriel. We could extol the virtues of the Fung Bros. and their clever, insightful humor all day, but since the vast majority of their content is available on YouTube we thought we’d do one better and bring you the best of the Fung Bros.!
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Timothy DeLaGhetto Talks Tokenism, YouTube, and Asians in Media [Part 1 of 2, Countdown to 2042]

Rapper, actor, and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto isn’t just one of the most prominent Asian performers on YouTube, he’s one of the most prominent performers on YouTube, period. DeLaGhetto joined YouTube in its infancy, in September of 2006. Today, he has 1,953,153 subscribers, 510,791,131 views, and supports himself with his earnings as a YouTube celebrity. That following was built not just in the early days of YouTube, but at a time when Asian performers like Tim, who is of Thai descent, faced even greater obstacles to breaking into mainstream media than they do today. DeLaGhetto, though, has not only built the kind of following on YouTube many performers in mainstream media can only dream of, he’s managed to translate that YouTube success into a career in mainstream media, starting with a role as a cast member on Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’Out. In the first half of our two-part interview with Timothy, he tells us about trying to make it on TV as an Asian, connecting with a YouTube audience, and being the token Asian guy on Wild’N’Out.
Our interview with Timothy is just the latest in our series “Countdown to 2042” in which we talk to leaders in entertainment, art, and academia about America’s increasing diversity culture and population. If you liked this interview with Timothy, make sure you don’t miss Part 2, and definitely check out our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

What type of Asian are You? [video]

This video by Ken Tanaka has been making rounds. It adresses a stereotypical question that most ethnicities get: “what type of____ are you?” The whole point of this video is that if you are of Caucasian, you are less likely to get that question (What type of Caucasian are you anyone?). It’s what’s called the white privilege where being “white” makes your ethnicity a non-relevant question that doesn’t require any explanation or justification. It’s the norm and all the other ethnicities are judged in relation to that norm. This is changing though as MMXLII is here to report, in a near future the norm might be something completely different (in Dave Chappelle’s words, we will all be grey). Video after the break.

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Parts Unknown: Korean-American Food Stays True to its Roots [VIDEO]

Earlier you probably saw us tweet about the next episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown where he will come to Los Angeles to see the meeting point of Asian, Mexican and Latino cultures. In this preview we see Bourdain with Roy Choi [of Kogi BBQ] as they eat at a Korean restaurant and discuss how Koreans weren’t a group that looked to change their food habits to appease Americans. Koreans let Americans come around to them. Read More

WHY…Asian People Are the Way They Are [VIDEO]

Please be clear that this isn’t our opinion nor the creator of this video. But what the internet seemed to suggest to her as she searched for some answers about what people think about her, an Asian woman, is a bit disturbing. Read More

Asian Americans Attack Cultural Labels at Summit on Stereotypes via LA Times

A quick recap of the first ever “Beyond the Bad and the Ugly,” a summit on Asian American stereotypes. The event allowed Asian-Americans, including activists, bloggers, academics and more to meet and discuss stereotypes and image issues within their communities. As the Asian-American community starts to see their impact on society it’s interesting to see more events like this transpire. Read More

Which Kind of Asian is This [VIDEO]

Sometimes comedy is one of the best ways to laugh at stereotypes, race, ethnicity, cultures and differences overall, if it’s done in a clever way. We’ve highlighted various comedians such as Baratunde Thurston and Hari Kondabolu that poke some fun at race, cultures, etc to help understanding. BUT then there are times where some people seem to cross the line. Our friends at Angry Asian Man took exception to this one. Comedian Anthony Jeselnik is known for dark comedy and looking to push the envelope and in this section of his Comedy Central show The Jeselnik Offensive he looks to educate the audience on the differences of cultures and how to best offend them? Hit the jump and let us know what you all think? Read More

New Mandarin Imagery for Iron Man 3 Promo, Confused Yet?

We talked about the mis-casting for the role of The Mandarin in the next installment of the blockbuster Iron Man franchise and some of the backlash that created. Well add more looks of confusion once you see the new poster. He looks more like an American hippie than a Far Eastern villain. The other questions some have is if the character will do or have any stereotypical Asian traits or make any references to Asian culture. If the character does, what will that portray to viewers as it comes from a non-Asian man? We’ll all see this summer. Hit the jump for the poster. Read More