Argentina’s Cardinal Bergoglio Is The New Pope; He Will Be ‘Francis I’

As soon as we posted that last post about the decision on the new Pope we saw the announcement of the new Pope come across our timeline. Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Pope, Francis I. He becomes the first Pope from South America which seems to suggest the Church is looking for a more progressive direction heading into the future. A progressive direction is one of the key points that people were scrutinizing in relation to the choice of the new Pope. Headline wise it seems the Catholic Church is moving in the direction of the shifting demographics, however some people are saying based off the fact the chosen person comes from Argentina, Bergoglio may not be as progressive as the headlines are suggesting. Hit the jump for some updates on the historical event. Read More

Dumbfoundead – Old Boy Jon [MUSIC DOWNLOAD]

We did an interview awhile back with Korean hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead and today we came across some new music from him and wanted to share. He has a free album called Old Boy Jon available for free. Produced entirely by Duke Westlake. Hit the jump to download and watch a vid of Dumbfoundead breaking down the album. Read More

Gay Couple First to Have Child in Argentina [VIDEO]

CNN’s Rafael Romo reports on two men in Argentina who have become the first male gay couple to have a child there.  Has there been a sudden shift in gay tolerance outside of the United States or because it is so tolerable here are we finally reporting more news of it elsewhere?  Regardless hit the jump and check out clip and see what this means for Argentina.

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