Celebrate America’s Diversity with Gap’s New Summer Ad

In Gap’s new summer ad, they used real people from the streets to model their summer clothing line. Gap continues its approach to multicultural youth in the US by creating ads that are relatable to the changing face of America and the way we consume advertisements. “I am Gap” also is also set as a vertical video frame to emulate the way consumers are creating social content on Instagram and Snapchat.

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MMXLII Poll: The Kool-Aid Man is Back, But Do We Care?

For several generations Kool-Aid has done ads with the Kool-Aid man, in some instances there was controversy but overall he was seen as a pop icon. Well it looks like Kool-Aid is bringing him back for the next generation and he’s expanded his vocabulary and personality. Hit the jump, watch the ad and let us know your thoughts on the clip in the comments. Also take our poll to let us know if this is an overall good move for the brand. Read More

Magazine Ads Shape Men’s Perspective of Women via Clutch Magazine

We did our piece “Perception of Beauty” to highlight the changing face of women in the mainstream, mostly Hollywood. This evolution has lead to a range of diversity starting to show it’s face however it’s not perfect. On the other side of minority, diverse and/or exotic women becoming a highlight in TV and Film, these types of women are being used in brand ads. Of course the women are used as something to get the men’s attention and promote a product but how does this affect a man’s overall perception of a woman? Hit the jump to see some of the negative implications.

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PSY to Star in Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]

Psy’s year of success and takeover probably wouldn’t be complete without a role in Super Bowl Sunday. Well I guess it’s complete as he will star in a Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios Read More