Caught in Methodism’s Split for Officiating Same-Sex Marriage of his Son

This story comes to us via the New York Times and exemplifies the challenges of living in today’s society where individuals are often tasked with managing multiple identities (public, private and everything in between), some of which can occasionally conflict with each other. Dr. Ogletree, a Methodist minister, risks being banned from his own church after officiating the wedding of his own son to another man. While he would not be the first United Methodist minister to face discipline for performing a same-sex wedding, he could well be the one with the highest profile.

“For Dr. Ogletree, the issues are not just academic. He has fully accepted, he said, that two of his five children are gay. His daughter married her partner in Massachusetts, in a non-Methodist ceremony. So when his son asked him last year to officiate at the wedding, he said yes.”

“I was inspired,” Dr. Ogletree said. “I actually wasn’t thinking of this as an act of civil disobedience or church disobedience. I was thinking of it as a response to my son.”

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