Racial Profiling, Stop and Frisk, and a Legacy of Injustice [VIDEO]

We touched on the murder of a New York teen by the NYPD yesterday and though that is the newest story out of New York in regards to civil infractions by the police, the ongoing issue [arguably a bigger one] is the “Stop and Frisk” law.  Just last week they reached the 5 millionth mark for a “stop and frisk”. A pretty absurd number for a practice that allows the police to search a person for drugs and weapons based off of their looks. Some may think 5 million is absurd because it’s a more recent law, however the law lends itself to racial profiling, a problem many will state has been a long standing piece of American history. Investigative filmmaker Keith Beauchamp, who is producer for “The Injustice Files: Hood of Suspicion” on the Discovery Channel, talks with Michael Shure inside “The War Room” about the long history of racial profiling in the United States. Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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