Race Ahead with raceAhead, Fortune’s New Corporate Diversity Newsletter

Multinational business magazine Fortune is releasing its newest newsletter on culture and diversity in corporate America, and it’s aptly named raceAhead. The newsletter aims to help leaders in the workplace make better, more informed decisions about racial diversity because we all know that discussing race at work tends to lead to awkwardness. But diversity often leads to better business, and opening up the discussion on diversity can only fuel progress.

The CEO of Kaiser Permanente, Bernard Tyson, shared:

“People talk about a business case for racial diversity. In the 21st century, diversity is the business case. Our objective is to get the best out of everyone. And to do that we need to speak truth to power.”

RaceAhead will “focus on the experience of black, brown, Asian, and Native American people in corporate America.” Ultimately, this newsletter will take on the daily challenge of highlighting the work of the leaders at every level. It will compile and share data, stories, and news from researchers to help leaders make more informed decisions about racial diversity in their organizations and in the world. The past year has brought the topic of diversity into the spotlight, especially within the highly visible film industry against its lack of POCs on the big screen. RaceAhead is playing a crucial part in improving diversity in the workplace to generate better ideas, more revenue, and happier customers.

“When people feel safe to be their full selves at work, they are happier in every aspect of their lives.”

Subscribe here: http://fortune.com/getraceahead/

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