Pharrell Williams Talks About His New “Places and Spaces I’ve Been” Book

Joe La Puma of Complex sits down to talk with Pharrell about his new book Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been releasing in October from Rizzoli.  Pharrell has been pretty successful in most (if not all) of his creative endeavors.  From music production to being an artist as well as band member over to running a clothing/shoe brand Pharrell has been able to influence many people across various cultures.  From there he has been tied to various other brands and content platforms.  His out of the box thinking and push to never let people label you has helped him transcend various ethnicities, cultures and industries.  This book should interest many who want to hear how Pharrell succeeded in so many areas.  The interview itself looks to discover what made the book and how Pharrell went about selecting what made it and didn’t.  Pharrell talks about his best form of expression: design, music or fashion…plus more

[Full Interview]

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