The Prequel to #OscarsSoWhite is #HollywoodSoWhite

The Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity (CARD) is the first of its kind and another major blow against Hollywood representation. As the most exhaustive analysis of film and television representation released today by the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, it portrays a sobering statistic of the entertainment industry’s gross lack of inclusion, no matter the media platform, from CEOs to minor characters.
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Grammys Under Fire for Lack of Diversity

During turbulent times of political and racial discourse and constant debates surrounding minority representation in the entertainment industry, it isn’t easy to ignore the stark contrast between the two headliners: “a white, blond woman whose music is shorn of any explicit political edge, vs. a black man whose newest music wears its jagged edges as badges of pride.” Taylor Swift (“1989″) and Kendrick Lamar (“To Pimp a Butterfly”) may be going head to head at the Grammys, but the awards show is facing the same type of criticism plaguing the Oscars.
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It’s the Year of the Red Monkey!

Happy Lunar New Year! Today marks the start of the year of the monkey and millions of people around the world have kicked off celebrations in style. Festivals and parades welcomed the Spring Festival, which is based on the Lunisolar Chinese calendar. People in Hong Kong flocked to the Wong Tai Sin, one of the best known temples, for their new year prayers while the Yongchegong Lama Temple in Beijing, China was glowing with incense. The Sydney Opera House in Australia was bathed in red and the Empire State Building in New York City turned red and yellow to join in on the celebrations.
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Say Hello To Gerber Baby of 2016!

Congratulations to Isla for being chosen as the Gerber Baby for 2016! Isla was chosen out of 170,000 entries and will have the opportunity to be featured in Gerber ads. Isla definitely gets #MMXLII’s vote! Click here to read more.

Oscars Are A Problem For Latinos, Asians And Native Americans Too

There is no doubt that African American actors have been getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes to the Oscars. Unfortunately, this is also the case for Latino, Asian and Native American actors as well. Only five Latino actors have ever won an Oscar. Only one Asian woman has ever won an acting Oscar. Click here to read more.

Diversity in Publishing is Practically Nonexistent

With the issues surrounding Oscars nominations bringing the lack of diversity in Hollywood to center stage, it’s interesting to note that the publishing industry isn’t much better off. The systematic problem of minority representation in this industry came to light when Publisher’s Weekly‘s 2014 salary survey statistics reflected dismal numbers in terms of diversity. Jason Low of Lee & Low Books began a petition requesting publishers across North America to be transparent about the demographic of their employees.
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Spike Lee Calls Oscar Diversity Outrage A Misdirect

Lots has been said in regards to the lack of diversity issue with the Oscars. However, Spike Lee thinks that people are looking at it the wrong way. “We’re chasing a guy down the field when he doesn’t even have the ball,” Lee said using a football analogy. Lee feels the attention should be focused on the powers that be who green light projects. Click here to read more.

MLK Day Faces Racial Challenges

In 2016, a woman, a Jew, and two Latinos are some of the most likely candidates to succeed America’s first black president, yet the nation is on the cusp of another civil rights movement as it struggles with the same problems King’s generation dealt with in the 1950′s and 60′s. With tensions running especially high this holiday weekend, commemorations honoring the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. arrived amid serious progress and regress.
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The Potential Impact of Blacks and Latinos On Presidential Politics

With election season in full swing in Iowa and New Hampshire, politics has been popping up more and more in recent weeks. Fusion broadcast the Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum on Monday to discuss minority issues, which is a must watch. But Brent Wilkes wrote an incredibly important article on the heels of the Forum as well. Wilkes article details how Black and Latino people in Iowa can potential change Presidential politics.

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