“Get Out”- A Horror Film About Race in America

With lots of reactions and conversation on social media, about the trailer for “Get Out”, written and directed by Jordan Peele of Key & Peele. There is no denying the film touches on sensitive topics in America that people are not willing to fully address.      

For Jordan Peele, the film is his directorial debut and brings to life his real passion, horror films. Peele’s describes the film as “a satirical, sort of horror, social world that brings a comedic aspect to such sensitive topics. Based on the trailer, people have been reacting to multiple issues addressed in the trailer like systemic racism, interracial relationships, stereotypes, and white privilege. Horror films have a reputation for killing off black characters fairly quickly. The lead is a black man (Daniel Kaluuya), which is already atypical of a horror movie.



People have been very positive about the film on social media by commenting on racial issues they have experienced themselves. Some people are also just freaked out about the horror aspect of the film. But this is the reaction Peele was going for as it sparks the conversation and causes a reaction from it’s audience. Peele describes it as getting a “very physical kind of reaction. It’s about tension and it’s about the release of tension”. With a release date not until February 24th, 2017, Peele has already left an impact with his audience.

Watch the trailer: Get Out


The Great Wall Controversy

When the preview for the film The Great Wall was released over the summer, it was immediately confronted with “whitewashing” controversy. The film tells the story of an elite force making a stand against a mythical creature on one of the world’s most iconic structures, The Great Wall of China. The film also takes on historical research over a 1,000 years old, in this epic monster movie.

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Race Ahead with raceAhead, Fortune’s New Corporate Diversity Newsletter

Multinational business magazine Fortune is releasing its newest newsletter on culture and diversity in corporate America, and it’s aptly named raceAhead. The newsletter aims to help leaders in the workplace make better, more informed decisions about racial diversity because we all know that discussing race at work tends to lead to awkwardness. But diversity often leads to better business, and opening up the discussion on diversity can only fuel progress.
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Bye Andrew Jackson, Make Room for Harriet Tubman

The $20 bill is about to have a huge facelift since 1928, and trust us when we say it’s about time. Here’s the story: slave owner replaced by abolitionist, escaped slave, women’s rights activist, spy, and general bad-ass. US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is expected to announce today that he has decided to put abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman on a new $20 bill, according to a spokesman for the Treasury Department.
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These Women Sought Inclusion at Lakmé Fashion Week

Women may come in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s safe to say the fashion and media worlds have barely scratched the surface in terms of representing such diverse ladies. So when Reliance Industries launched their online clothing portal AJIO at Lakmé Fashion Week, they chose some inspiring showstoppers to prove that fashion isn’t just exclusive to a cookie-cutter type of woman.
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IG’s Hatecopy Speaks to the South Asian Diaspora

As of 2015, there are 41 million foreign-born individuals living in the United States, of which the majority are from Latin America and Asia, with a small number arriving from Europe and Africa. Diasporas are more and more commonplace, with more people never feeling 100 percent connected to the place they live or the culture they come from. Toronto’s Maria Qamar, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, has taken on the challenge of capturing the whimsical yet utterly real nuances of South Asian diasporic life in her hilarious Lichtenstein-inspired pieces.
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¿QUÉ BOLÁ CUBA? (What’s up, Cuba?)

In case you haven’t heard, President Barack Obama stepped foot on Cuban soil yesterday, making him the first sitting U.S. President to do so in 88 years. 88 years. This historic three-day visit to Cuba announced by Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro back in December 2014 marks the shift in diplomatic relations (from nonexistent to a questionable maybe).
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‘Silicon Valley’ Reflects the ‘F*cked Up’ Real World

The cast and executive producers of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ hit up South by Southwest (SXSW) to promote the show’s upcoming Season 3 premiere. During the panel discussion, exec producer Alec Berg tackled the criticism directed at the show regarding the lack of diversity happening on screen.
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Modern Feminism, As Told By Emma Watson

Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson, is laudable for her continued achievements in acting, academics, and most profoundly her activism for gender equality since the wrap of Deathly Hallows Part 2. She helped launch HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate for gender equality, and her speech to the UN in September of 2014 regarding feminism has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. Last year, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. From a child actress to an Ivy League graduate to a UN Women Global Goodwill ambassador at 24, Watson has grown into a role model worth following and deserves to be recognized in Women’s History Month.
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