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African Americans are the Chinese Youth’s New Role Models!!!

Found an interesting article on how Kobe is not only a successful brand in China but has also become an role model for the youth to look up to off the court.  The article talks about how Kobe was the main attraction at the Beijing Olympics even when he was just a spectator.  Because of his charity work, especially with a particular Sichuan earthquake victim, Kobe has been heralded for his generosity by the Chinese media and is even referred to as “Uncle Kobe”.  It’s pretty interesting to see an African-American male (who also spent part of his time in Italy) cross not only international lines but racial ones as well to become a hero for China’s contemporary youth culture.


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This may look like a big deal to some by reading the headlines…and to others it may just sound like whatever.  The story behind it though should be of interest to all.  It’s interesting how “old” hip-hop culture has essentially become in the fact that some of hip-hop’s up and comers have parents who grew up listening to hip-hop.  For those that don’t know, ASAP Rocky was named after Rakim the hip-hop legend.  This meeting was made even more special as they called Rocky’s mother to have her talk to both artists live on the air.  In the future we’re wondering how many more instances of this will happen. You can see part 2 right here.


Today we look at some of the most bizarre restaurants all over the world.  It’s not really the food items that make it bizarre but more so the themes.  You can eat out of a toilet, underwater, in the sky or go as far as indulging your cannibalistic fantasies.  Yeah, we definitely just said that.  Hit the jump to get all the details.

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