Officers Who Shot Kimani Gray Have Been Repeatedly Sued for Civil Rights Violations

We didn’t get too much into the story of the young teen that was killed in Brooklyn by two NYPD officers last week, but you may have noticed us retweet Talib Kweli‘s tweet in regards to the news. Today we came across a story that points out these officers not being unfamiliar with interactions violating others and their Civil Rights. Hit the jump for some examples.

Between them  there are 5 civil lawsuits which cost the city a total of $215,000 in settlements, court records show.

Derek Franks received a $92,500 settlement for a suit against Mourad and other unidentified cops, alleging he was illegally stopped and frisked on May 7, 2007. He spent four months in Rikers Island until charges were dropped.


Steve Morency got $35,000 after accusing Cordova of an illegal stop inside an E. 17th St. building. Morency claimed he was punched in the face and needed three stitches to close a cut above his eye.

It has been noted that Kimani Gray didn’t have the cleanest of records, however it doesn’t seem that these officers did either which could mean this situation could have escalated to a point it never needed to. The investigation into Gray’s death is ongoing.

The full list of civil rights infractions were found via Clutch Magazine

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