NFL vs The Media: Image and Value of Life

The NFL and the news media seem to be having some issues with each other.  Two separate issues, but important ones.  Racial backlash and the value of human life are at the forefront of these conflicts.  Yesterday we posted about the columnist who said Kaepernick can’t be role model because he has tattoos that make him look as if he is now out on parole.  We also posted about the Jovan Belcher incident and the possible relation of the murder/suicide to mental health conditions possibly brought on by in-game injuries.  If you’re not aware Bob Costas spoke up on the incident and some people thought it wasn’t his place to do so.  Others thought it was good that Costas acknowledged the incident as it seems the NFL “glossed” over it by having the Kansas City Chiefs play the day after such a tragedy that surely affected the entire organization.  Dave Zirin, a sports editor for the Nation, was a guest on a few shows from the Current network.  He believes that the NFL needs to address these head injuries and their connection to suicides, especially with the number of NFL athletes that have committed suicide in just two years.  Zirin also thinks that the NFL having the Kansas City Chiefs play the day after the tragedy and by making no mention of it, the murder of the girlfriend, etc they made a mistake.  By doing this he believes the NFL isn’t showing a value for the lives lost or that this was a serious incident in the grand scheme of things.  Zirin doesn’t just fault the NFL but the major networks and sports executives that aren’t speaking on the matter either. Check out these two clips featuring Zirin on The Bill Press Show and The Young Turks w/ Cenk Uygur.  What are your thoughts on this? Not just the incident itself but how the NFL has “addressed” it so far.

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