Mona Shaikh Isn’t Your Average Muslim Comedian…She’s Naughty

Mona Shaikh is a woman, Muslim and a comedian and this probably doesn’t sound like such a revolutionary thing until you catch a routine.  She’s standing out among many of them because of her humor.  There is nothing conservative about it and though she says she’s just expressing through art, her art definitely targets politics and religion.  Especially her own.  She says things like this about the supposed merits of Islamic martyrdom. “Seventy-two virgins? As a reward? Have you ever been with one virgin? [winces] That shit sucks. Can you imagine having to teach 72 of them how to do everything? Guys — wouldn’t you rather have 72 hos?”  She also has her own online platform Muslims Do It Better, a website dedicated to Islamic-oriented humor, run by women, no less.  In America we’re used to seeing things like this but for a Muslim woman, this is groundbreaking.  Check out the piece on her in LA Weekly below.

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