MMXLII Presents- Perception of Beauty: From Marilyn to Beyoncé [VIDEO]

Beyoncé was just picked as the sexiest woman of the 21st Century by GQ Magazine. Is America starting to move away from the stick thin to a more curvaceous look or is this just the current trend? Is this a new standard of beauty welcoming a more diverse perception of beauty in Hollywood, fashion and overall entertainment? What are the determining factors? Was it really just Jennifer Lopez and her butt? Is urban just the new cool thing for the mainstream? Does this give minority women a better shot at more lead roles like Kerry Washington’s character in the hit TV show Scandal? Will the stick thin blonde bombshells become more of the minority? What will be the next trend moving further into the 21st Century?

MMXLII sat down with casting agent Fern Champion, music legend Florence LaRue [of 5th Dimension], music video director Paul Allen, TV editor Lauren Spencer and actress Ekeobong Utibe to discuss. What do you think? Make sure to join the discussion in our comments section.