MMXLII Family Members at the Presidential Inauguration 2013 [PHOTO RECAP]

We had some MMXLII family members on hand at the Inauguration ceremonies and made sure to share some photos with us. Our friend Ben Marazzi who works with Far East Movement [FM] was in the midst of it all as FM was there to perform. He saw a diverse collective of people gathered to support as well as working various parts of the ceremonies. Ben spent 4 days in Washington D.C. and brought us some highlights. Read his story below as it correlates to the slideshow above.

1. No better way to start a 4 day trip to DC than a late night bike ride around the capital. Here’s my view of the Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 3am.

2. Our first event was the Kids’ Inaugural. Here’s the stage right before the crowds started coming in.

3. Showtime for the Kids’ Inaugural! The crowd was made up of military personal and their families. The entire event (featuring Usher, Katy Perry, and Mindless Behavior) was streamed live to US military bases around the world.

4. Woke up Early on Monday morning to witness a piece of history. Here’s my ticket to the Inauguration Ceremony.

5. All forms of transportation are slammed throughout most of the day. This is an 11am view of the metro station as we raced across town to try and make it in time.

6. After two subways and a good deal of walking we made it to the RED GATE just in time!

7. A view of the entire crowd present at the ceremony. It’s estimated that close to 800,000 people attended.

8. After being sworn in, the 44th president takes the stage and delivers a rousing speech to the cheering crowd. (Look close, he’s right there!!)

9. We traveled through road-blocks and detours, but we finally made it back to our hotel and headed out to the Inaugural Ball.

10. Couldn’t resist. The obligatory self-shot of yours truly. I know this is brief, but there’s no way to describe this event other than amazing. I never imagined i would have gotten to be present for something like this. Standing in front of the capital on a cold Monday morning it was crazy to know that the whole world was watching and we were all a part of history. Truly an experience I will never forget.

Until next time.

Much respect.


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