MMXLII EXCLUSIVE: The Most Diverse Family in Hip Hop – MOTION FAMILY [VIDEO]

While we’re on the subject of Atlanta rappers, let’s drop this exclusive interview with Diwang Valdez of Motion Family. As we noted last week, we spent some time talking to Valdez of Motion Family about the company and the Atlanta hip-hop scene.  Motion Family has been responsible for many of the visuals coming from Atlanta’s biggest stars as well as their rising ones.  As raw, gritty and real as many of their videos are, you probably would never guess that the guys behind it were a Colombian, a Jewish guy and a Filipino.  Valdez touches on the collective, how their different upbringings help bring their vision together, some of the wildest stuff to happen on set and Valdez starting his career in Atlanta through Big Meech and BMF.  Pay attention as you might recognize some of the videos sprinkled throughout the clip.

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