MMXLII Ad Campaign of the Week: Miller Lite f/ Ken Jeong, Chuck Lidell & ?uestlove [VIDEO]

If you watch NCAA March Madness then we’re sure you saw at least two of these ads over the course of last four days. These ads position a diverse group of young gentlemen passing the time with a friend. Not just any friend however, a celebrity friend. The ads use three celebs: Ken Jeong, Chuck Lidell and ?uestlove and show what kind of ‘time’ you can have with a celebrity friend. That time would be Miller Time, because it’s not just about having a fun time with your celebrity friend but enjoying a Miller Lite while you have that time.

We like how the groups of friends are all diverse and that the celebrity friends are all from varying ethnic backgrounds and industries [film, sports, music]. This allows them to all have experiences that in some cases are alike and others that are different in each commercial. With Bud Light looking to show how cool it is with Justin Timberlake, Miller Lite had to come back with something to connect with a similar fan base. Did they do that with this?

Let us know which one is your favorite. Who would you want to hang out with the most?


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