MMXLII Ad Campaign of the Week: Dos Equis’ Front Man Encourages Moving Cinco de Mayo to May 2nd [Poll]

A new ad campaign has “The Most Interesting Man In the World” calling on his following to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on May 2nd as Dos de Mayo. Is this a good idea?Some say it’s a campaign about responsibility [one that didn’t work so well for St Patrick’s Day] while others think it’s another branding gimmick [Dos Equis, Dos de Mayo]. What would be interesting is if “TMIMITW” wanted to move the date because Americans seem to celebrate Cinco de Mayo under the wrong pretense.

Either way check out the video ad below and let us know what you think about it with the poll below. Is the concept a good or bad initiative? Or is not that deep and simply just a clever campaign to entertain the fans?


[polldaddy poll=7017952]

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