Even if you’re not a huge basketball fan it’s been very hard to not hear about the phenomenon that is taking place in New York for the normally ridiculed Knicks franchise in the beloved NBA.  In a season with so many dreary storylines (cancelled trades, injuries, teams not living up to expectations, rushed schedules, etc) the feel good story has easily been the Asian-American guard that seemed to go from overlooked name to overnight celebrity.  In his celebrated run this month Lin has set records, set the Knicks on a great winning streak and almost single-handedly saved a franchise and it’s coach.  But that’s just the superficial impact…

The real story is what Jeremy Lin means for the Asian community.  Not only does he provide a new star for the Asian market around the globe but he also provides an inspiration to the Asian-American community in the United States.  He breaks the stereotypes that most people think (though they may not say) about Asian-Americans and their place in basketball.  Check out this STORY as it shows exactly how a young Asian-American boy not only looks up to Jeremy Lin but has learned from him after attending his basketball camp.  Even if his incredible run doesn’t last forever I think if he can stick around his impression and importance will last long beyond his career.

Check out some of his highlights inside this post.


A few of the noteworthy highlights that Jeremy Lin has collected over the last few weeks.

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