L.A. Producer Responsible for Offensive Movie About Muslims May Not Exist

His name is Sam Bacile and he’s supposedly the guy behind Innocence of Muslims, a film that’s already upset the Muslim community.  But now they’re saying that Bacile isn’t a real person but more of a Pseudonym for Evangelical Zealots? There also seems to be conflicting stories of whether Bacile [if he does exist] is an Israeli Jew that raised money for the movie via the Jewish community while other sources say he’s a real estate mogul on the run.  Regardless this movie looks to show Bacile’s belief that “Islam is a cancer” and portrays Mohammed as a fraud who approved of child abuse.  Also offensive are the actors with painted faces and fake beards.  This movie has already upset Muslims to the point where an attack happened on the US Embassy in Libya, killing the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.  The video and link to the full article via LA Weekly can be found below.

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