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Kepler-452b aka Earth’s Older Cousin – MMXLII

Kepler-452b aka Earth’s Older Cousin

Nasa’s Kepler telescope just discovered a collection of new distant planets, with one being very similar to Earth. Kepler-452b although larger than Earth, orbits a star similar to our Sun, yet the age of the star is about 1.5 billion years older than ours, which allows us the opportunity to study the potential future of our star-to-planet relationship.

Although it is too soon to know the complete make-up of Kepler-452b, there are other Kepler habitable zone planets that could be even more similar in make-up to the planet that we know and love. The distinct feature that sets Kepler-452b apart from other planets we have discovered, is the orbit range and relationship between star and planet. Read more here

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