Jay-Z Performs New Music to Coldplay at 2012 Paralympics [VIDEO]

For the closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics in London, Jay-Z and Rihanna hit the stage to end it with a bang.  With Jay-Z these days there is usually something unexpected that happens, so not to disappoint he drops a new verse over Coldplay’s “Paradise”.  Hit the jump for the video and the lyrics c/o freeOnSMASH.

I deserve a gold medal, get on my level/
I deserve platinum plaques, to match my bezel/
I walk around with five rings [“five rings” being the Olympic Rings], so pimpish/
Welcome to the Paralympics/
It’s paradise, this is the story of Gabby/
It’s paradise, it’s paradise/
Tears in her eyes, she sacrificed, he sacrificed, she paid the price/
This is everything, everything she ever dreamed/
She had nightmares she wouldn’t be here, she made the team/
From the projects to the podium, accepting awards with my Rollie on/
Gettin’ Gold medals with my grill in/
C-walking, cause all they see is a villain/
More belts than Phelps, Merry Christmas, my presence is felt/
Gold medals around my throat/
You can take everything, except the hope of reaching paradise/

For more of an explanation and thought behind the verse, head to Life+Times.

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