Is It Okay for Americans to Hope That the Boston Marathon Bombers are White? [VIDEO]

One of the sideline stories to the Boston Marathon bombing is the ethnic expectations of the suspects before anyone had been identified. False information of descriptions [black or darker skinned] received a good amount of backlash around the internet. People speculated on what country these suspects were from, who was the enemy, etc. When the images of the suspects were released the FBI warned to not try to associate ethnicity or race with the images but just focus on the actual faces. Many Americans had hoped the bombers were white and this was a domestic terrorist act. Obviously racial and ethnic undertones are tied into this event, but is it right. Cenk Uygur, Tricia Rose, Noah Rothman, and Michael Shure debate whether or not it’s okay Americans to hope the people who committed the Boston Marathon attacks are of a certain race, ethnicity or religious background.

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