In online dating, the race card can be a wild card

Love may conquer all, but the process still seems to be cluttered with racial bias.

A new study suggests the world of online dating appears to be just as segregated as the outside world, but those who use the sites appear willing to give interracial and interethnic dating a whirl if someone makes the first move, a new study finds.

The results, published online Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, opens a crack in the façade of prejudice, albeit a small and temporary one: Users revert to their old preferences after a while, according to UC San Diego sociologist Kevin Lewis, author of the study.

Lewis looked at dating overtures and responses from the matchmaking site and found that while everyone tended to reach out within their own group, they also were willing to expand their future searches if they had received messages across race or ethnicity.

“everyone is searching in their own group, and actually it’s more pronounced for minorities,” Lewis said. Indians and other Asians were the most exclusive about whom they messaged, followed by Latinos and blacks, with whites being the most likely to cross group lines – though still generally focusing on their own.

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